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****** a powerful dictionary word that has a very rich meaning. A cradle of life, a cradle of civilization. A cradle of ai, the power of this word allows any project to have a powerful brand right off the bat. You are the origin, you are the cradle. You are the beginning. It can cradle your customers. Or even be a baby brand name, with smart cradle. 

This tech forward brand is perfect for any one to make a statement. On .ai (Artificial Intelligence) extension, it allows company to communicate that this is a smart and ever evolving name.

Potential uses: tech brand, App, data company, hosting company, baby products, start up agency, Ai think tank, digital marketing, ad agency, logistics, biomedical engineering, blockchain, SaaS product.

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Recent .ai domain sales: 107,495 USD 2020-06-23 101,500 USD 2018-01-14 25,000 USD 2019-09-13 (Brokered by our team) 50,000 USD 2019-06-18 (Bought by Salesforce) 45,000 USD 2017-08-10

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